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Victorian New England Prescription Book 1888

North Fork Pets And Antiques has opened the most wonderful antique shop, combining our 2 other TIAS shops, TearDrop Memories & Maidens Memoirs under one roof.(215) 862-3401

Call or use the contact form to send with any questions. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU !

Click to view larger image of Victorian New England Prescription Book 1888 (Image1)
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Victorian New England Prescription Book 1888 (Image1)
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Sold and Show
Item Number: ZM24
We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

Circa: 1888
Condition: Used

New Hampshire Prescription Medicine antique ledger book. Approximately 250 HUGE pages, each with TEN individual prescriptions plastered to this historically significant and giant ledger. Well over two thousand Victorian medical scripts laid out in clinical precision. The Doctors, Surgeons Pharmacists, Druggists, Chemists, Apothecaries as well as company names and addresses comprise a fantastic account of the state of the Medical arts in the late 19th century.


States include New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. Patient care recommendations from 1888 and 1889 and part of 1890 are detailed in a most fascinating and measurable way. A wealth of information for medical archivists, Homeopathic researchers and those interested in genealogy, proprietary patent medicine show and antique bottle collectors.

This record book measures Eighteen inches by twelve and four inches tall. It is patent dated and labeled March 28 1878. Itís first entry is 9/18/88. Please note photo measuring twenty one inches diagonally. I have included an old medicinal extract bottle for height comparison. This glass remedy stands five inches tall.

Some of the many drugs, chemicals, therapies, elixirs, tinctures, balms, plasters, remedies; quack concoctions, powders, pills, and cures include; Cocaine, Belladonna, Licorice, Arsenic, Lysol, Alcohol, Oil Of Tar Verdigris, Listerine, Caffeine Bactrated Food - Yeast?, Chloroform, Milk Of Magnesia, Opium, Digitalis, W.H. Schieffelin, Salicylic Acid - Aspirin? The rest, thousands of Dr prescribed medicines and treatments all in the world famous Doctor handwriting.

Some of the Dr. and Drug store operators listed are; F.E. Winslow Lyndon and Lyndonville Vermont Druggist, Dr. George Geo. F Gale M.D. , H. and J. Brewer 463 Main St. and Sanford Springfield Massachusetts Pharmacists, Mansfields prescription Pharmacy 516 Main St. Springfield Mass. Dr. E.P. Pierce M.D. , Henry A. Chapin Pharmaceutical Chemist Brattleboro Vermont, E.C. Thorn Pharmacist Hinsdale New Hampshire, R.E. Morgan 309 High St., George A. Hill Apothecary 330 Main St. Springfield Mass., Dr. Edward A. Welch M.D. 862 Main St. A.C. Woodward Apothecary 883 Main St Worcester Massachusetts,

C. Milan Morse PH. G. Pharmacist Nashua New Hampshire, Dr. R.B. Henry M.D., Durgin Pharmacy Tucker Rice and Company Block Wichendon Massachusetts, Dr. E.S. Bowen M.D., Dr. C.A. Gray Stebbins Block Brattleboro Vermont, Dr. E.W. Higbee M.D. 112 Main St, Hitchcock and Hodgkins City pharmacy Dr. C.P. Bugbee, F.B. Wells PH. G. Arms New Block Greenfield Mass., Dr. F.H. Zabriskie M.D. 4 Bank Row Greenfield Massachusetts, Dr. L.V. Cabana M.D. CM Surgeon George A. Briggs Druggist Tremont Square Claremont N.H. Kelly and Durkee Pharmacist Boston Massachusetts, Theodore Metcalf and company Apothecaries 39 Tremont St. Boston Mass., F.L. Wilson and Company Apothecaries Main St. Berlin falls New Hampshire, Charles Devel and Company Druggist Apothecaries Amherst Block Amherst Massachusetts,

Dr. W.W. Gardiner M.D. Main St. and State Springfield? A partnership of Drs., Dr. Ketchum and Dr. Grey Main St. over the Bakery Brattleboro Vermont. THE Ketchum Dr. may be part of the Long Island New York Ketchems? This voluminous book starts and ends prescriptions from Dr. W. S. Leonard M.D. and associated Druggists and Apothecaries Worden, Jones and Company pharmacists 27 Main St. Todds Block Hinsdale New Hampshire. This combination of Doctor and Apothecary shows up many times in this antique Victorian prescription record ledger book.

About Hinsdale. Founded in 1753 Hinsdale New Hampshire now has a population well over 4000. Namesake and founder Colonial Ebenezer Hinsdale a former Chaplain at Fort Dummer was a product of prominent folks from Deerfield. Located in the southwestern corner of the state. Called Fort Hinsdale, it is comprised Dole Junction and North Hinsdale as well. Claremont College in Nashua is close and Keene State, Franklin Pierce as well as Antioch New England University are important. This Area code for Cheshire county Hinsdale Library is 602.

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.


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